Indenfor få uger kommer der en mindre update til ministrels.

Du kan læse her, hvad der bliver ændret.

Minstrel Change Log V2.0

Note: Most values below were calibrated on a pure blue spec 120 minstrel with mid-endgame gearing. YMMV.

– Many Minstrel skills/effects that had not been normalized previously have been updated. This should mostly result in a more even experience as you level. In particular low level minstrel DPS is no longer quite so outrageous.
– Animations on several skills have been shortened, some quite significantly (Raise the Spirit, Bolster Courage, Inspire Fellows, Chord of Salvation, Soliloquy of Spirit, Perfect Ending, Story of Courage, others).
– Healers/Heroes/Dissonant strike damage increased by ~800%, and now draw their base dmg from tactical implement. Dissonant Strike now does [Common->Light] dmg.
– Healers/Heroes Strike heals increased by ~550%.
– Major Ballad group heal increased by ~570%. This skill can now be used prior to combat.
– Improved Chord of Salvation group heal component increased by ~300%, cooldown increased [10->12s].
– Fellowship’s Heart base heal increased by ~110%. Group HoT by ~20%.
– Raise the Spirit base heal increased by ~150%, animations shortened, base induction increased [1.2->1.4].
– Raise the Spirit’s yellow line trait now properly applies a Fellowship HoT (3ticks/2s, 20m radius)
– Coda of Resonance Heal increased by ~150%.
– Coda of Melody’s heal increased by ~130%.
– Inspire Fellows heal increased by ~115%, cooldown increased [5->6s]. Base induction reduced [2.5->2.0]
– Perfect Ending heal increased by ~40%.
– Bolster Courage direct heal increased by ~55%, group heal by ~30%, animation times reduced, cooldown increased to 3s, base induction increased [2.5->2.7]
– Triumphant Spirit heal increased by ~30%.
– Legend of Hammerhand’s expiry heal is now 2% of each fellowship member’s max morale per bubble that expires.
– Soliloquy of Spirit is no longer Immediate and will not interrupt other skill animations.
– Spirit of Freedom is now Immediate and has a very short animation.
– Story of Courage no longer has an induction, it is now a Fast skill with a short anim.
– Song of Hammerhand bubble magnitude increased (10%->30% Max Vital).
– Gift/Legend of Hammerhand bubble magnitudes increased (10%->20% Max Vital).
– Echoes of Battle now does [Common->Light] Damage.
– All Ballad damage increased by ~40%.
– Successive heals will now maintain the Perfect Ending buff once you have achieved a full stack, rather than it expiring if it is not used.

That’s about it. Probably not going to be able to get much else done save for a minor number polish pass after this, as I really need to move on now.

This, frankly, is probably overdoing it on the healing scale – cutting the animation times bumps the base output considerably, even taking the loss of animation breaking into account – but I simply don’t have a good way to run realistic numbers in-house in this time frame so I’ll see what I can do about getting a version of this to Palantir or Bullroarer quickly. In any case, I’m still taking feedback based on this listing, though I may not have time to act on it soon.




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